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Rodent Breeding Cage - Large.  These lab quality cages offer the very best in professional breeding of a rodent colony and have been used for many years worldwide. Being made of polypropylene, the tubs are easy to clean and sterilize when needed, as well as providing a large breeding area.  They feature a stainless steel lid with recessed food and water area, and a hinged divider.  Placement of 1 or 2 water bottles provides enough water for even the hottest days. The stainless steel lid fits securely to the top of the tub so your animals are safely housed.  Rodent water bottles are sold separately and are available in 250ml and a 500ml.  

Size =

Large  540mm x W 390mm x H 210mm. (wire gap 9mm)

Regular 470mm x W 310mm x H 160mm. (wire gap 9mm)