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Reptile Rack B6030 / 6022 Hybrid

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Introducing the Reptile Rack the perfect housing solution for yearling snakes and blue tongue lizards! This sturdy and spacious rack is designed to provide a comfortable and secure environment for your exotic pets, with ample room for them to move and explore. With multiple levels and removable tubs, this rack allows for easy cleaning and maintenance, making it a convenient choice for reptile enthusiasts. Its sleek and modern design ensures that it will blend seamlessly into any home or pet store. Give your reptile friends the housing they deserve with the Reptile Rack 

Tub Dimensions

B6030 - 7 rows of 3 (21 Tubs)

300 Wide x 600 Long x 120 High

B3022 - 4 Rows of 4 (16 Tubs)

220 Wide x 600 Long x 120 High


Total Tubs 37

Total Dimensions

1150 Wide x 600 Deep x 1800 High


Production Time- Up to 8 weeks from order


Heat Mats connect each level together by a 240W heat Mat - Each level can be disconnected if not in use.

Heat Mats need to be connected to a Thermostat Controller, The heat Mats will NOT Turn off if Thermostat Controller Malfunctions - customers can use own heat sourcing if preferred. 


Made in China, Designed in Australia