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Reptile Rack B0845 (Large)

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Introducing the Reptile Rack B8045 (Large), the perfect housing solution for your exotic reptiles. With ample space and comfortable design, this large rack is suitable for carpet pythons, blue tongues, and more. Its spacious compartments provide the perfect environment for your reptiles to thrive and explore. This rack is a great addition to the collection of breeders and reptile enthusiasts alike, offering a convenient and well-organized way to house multiple reptiles.


The durable construction and secure closures ensure the safety and well-being of your beloved pets. Say goodbye to cramped cages and hello to the Reptile Rack B8045, the ultimate housing solution for your exotic reptiles.



Tub Dimensions: 

760mm D x 450mm W x 160mm H 

10 Levels x 2 Wide (20 Tubs)

Total Rack Dimensions:

800 Deep x 1000 Wide x 1950 High

Including Base Plate and Wheels


Production Time- Up to 8 weeks from order


Heat Mats connect each level together by a 240W heat Mat - Each level can be disconnected if not in use.

Heat Mats need to be connected to a Thermostat Controller, The heat Mats will NOT Turn off if Thermostat Controller Malfunctions - customers can use own heat sourcing if preferred. 


Made in China, Designed in Australia