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Introducing the Rodent Breeding Rack B8045, the perfect solution for reptile and birds of prey owners looking to provide their pets with a steady supply of high-quality feed. This large, sturdy rack system is designed to house multiple rodent breeding colonies at once, making it easy to maintain and manage supplies for your exotic pets. The B8045 features a convenient and space-saving design that is ideal for both professional breeders and hobbyists alike. With durable construction and easy-to-clean materials, this rack is built to withstand the demands of rodent breeding, ensuring a reliable and consistent food source for your animals. Don't settle for subpar feeder rodents - upgrade to the B8045 and take the hassle out of breeding and maintaining a healthy, sustainable food source for your exotic pets.

Rodent Breeding Rack B8045

GST Included |
  • Total Dimensions : 

    900 Wide x 380 Deep x 1500 High

    6 Layers of 1 Tub (6) Total


    Tub Dimensions : 

    850 Wide x 450 Deep x 250 High 

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