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Introducing the Rodent Breeding Rack B3828, the perfect solution for efficiently breeding rodents for snake food. This rack is specifically designed for maximizing space and productivity, with multiple tiers of sturdy tubs for housing breeding pairs and their offspring. With durable construction and easy-to-clean design, this rack is a must-have for any exotic aviary or reptile breeding facility. The B3828 offers a convenient and organized way to ensure a steady supply of high-quality feeder rodents for your snakes, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your exotic animal care. Don't let the hassle of breeding rodents slow you down - invest in the Rodent Breeding Rack B3828 and streamline your reptile feeding process today.

Rodent Breeding Rack B3828

GST Included |
  • Total Dimensions 8 Rows of 2 Tubs (16 Tubs)

    Tub Dimensions 280 wide x 380 Deep x 100 High 

    Total Rack Dimensions 1270 Wide x 380 Deep x 1620 High 

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