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Introducing the B14080 XL Reptile Rack, the perfect solution for reptile breeders and enthusiasts looking to house and breed large pythons and Lizard Trio's. With its spacious design, this rack provides ample room for multiple reptiles, creating a comfortable and secure environment for your pets. The sturdy and durable construction ensures the safety of your reptiles while also allowing for easy maintenance and cleaning. The B14080 XXL Reptile Rack is designed to maximize space and efficiency, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to expand their reptile collection or start a breeding program. Trust in the reliability and quality of this rack to provide a safe and comfortable home for your reptiles.


Production Time - Aprox. 8 Weeks from Order

Exotic Rack 170L 5 or 8 Level

GST Included |
  • SPECS: B14080

    Tub Dimensions: 1400mm D x 800mm W x 300mm H 

    5 Levels x 1 Wide (5 Tubs)

    8 Levels x 1 Wide (8 Tubs)

    Total Rack Dimensions:

    5 High - 1500 Deep x 800 Wide x 1850 High

    8 High - 1500 Deep x 800 Wide x 2500 High

    Including Base Plate and Wheels

  • All Racks Include:

    - Wheels

    - Heat Mat

    - Tubs to fill rack

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