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Introducing the Reptile Rack B3040 / 3022 Hybrid , the perfect housing solution for your exotic reptiles. With ample space and comfortable design, this large rack is suitable for carpet pythons, blue tongues, and more. Its spacious compartments provide the perfect environment for your reptiles to thrive and explore. This rack is a great addition to the collection of breeders and reptile enthusiasts alike, offering a convenient and well-organized way to house multiple reptiles.


The durable construction and secure closures ensure the safety and well-being of your beloved pets. Say goodbye to cramped cages and hello to the Reptile Rack the ultimate housing solution for your exotic reptiles.


Production Time- Aprox. 6 weeks from order

Hybrid Snake Rack B630/22

GST Included |
  • Tub Dimensions

    B3040 - 7 rows of 3 (21 Tubs)

    300 Wide x 600 Long x 120 High

    B3022 - 4 Rows of 4 (16 Tubs)

    220 Wide x 600 Long x 120 High

    Total Tubs 37

    Total Dimensions

    1550 Wide x 600 Deep x 1800 High


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