Australian National Petition to change bird keeping rules

Australian National Petition to change bird keeping rules
Ashleigh Dougherty

National Petition to change bird keeping rules

So often I am hearing stories about people having to re-home their birds due to noise complaints from surrounding neighbours, majority of these complaints are bias and go against every other noise regulation as a Db reading is not taken into consideration but “Too Loud” is.

Most of these birds that are being re-homed are ones that are worth thousands of dollars and require large high quality enclosures, strict diets and training to ensure their wellbeing is met.

What is unfortunate in these cases is the council members are uneducated in regards to the needs of these specific birds and avicultural principles and they are not knowledgeable enough to give any supportive advise or recommendations to the owners being put in these impacting scenarios.

It is the every day people that are suffering due to the majority of negative people who are at home either on personal leave, maternity leave, those whom have been stood down from their employers, and those who would prefer to bludge from the government handouts that are benefiting from using the council as their personal bullying tool.

It’s the ones that have worked towards their goals that are having their animals taken away from them because the selfish, biased and uneducated people whom have no idea how much work goes into these exotic parrots ie: the care and daily handling, perfecting enclosure sizes, correct diets to mimic that of the wild and maintaining a clean enclosure all because the animal makes noise for around 1 hour in the morning and night on average.

What I am proposing is for a National change in council to relax the regulations on birds and put additional research into them as a species since more people are keeping parrots as companion animals and aviculture is a vast growing profession

Australia is home to over 800 different species of bird, a country with almost a 10th of the global bird population lives in our own private backyard.

Birds play an essential part for functioning global ecosystems, native insectivorous birds control pests, nectivores pollinate plants, carnivorous birds act as our “clean up crew”, sea birds fertilise the water via their droppings maintaining the sea and under water life, and of course  there are our granivores and fruitivores that are essential in the dispersal of seeds and grains through their droppings, when they eat these various seeded plants they disperse new seedlings all over the ecosystem creating an abundance of plants

Most birds will start their day as soon as the sun rises, and will end their day as the sun sets, but there are also our night birds, these magnificent creatures are nocturnal and generally feast on rodents and other native pests

Even some of our greatest celebrities are proud owners of exotic birds, some even have their own social media accounts and use them in marketing campaigns

Hugh Hefner has an aviary dedicated to endangered zoological species at the Playboy Mansion

Gucci uses a free flighted Hyacinth Macaw and an Umbrella cockatoo in their new marketing advertisement  A$AP Rocky, Iggy Pop and Tyler, The Creator in the New Gucci Tailoring Campaign

Mike Tyson breeds beautiful racing Pigeons

Some other well known celebrities that proudly own birds are;

Will Ferrell (Amazon), Iggy Pop ( Umbrella Cockatoo), Gwen Stefani (White Bellied Caique), Weird Al (Green Cheek Conure), Nick Cage (Hyacinth Macaws) Cleo Green (Moluccan Cockatoo), Paris Hilton (African Grey), Mathew McConaughey (Sun Conure) and many more are proud of their exotic companions

We are asking that council only takes into consideration the enclosures these captive exotics are kept in; I believe that a separate bird keepers licence should be implemented for exotics and native species, with specific guidelines that outline the importance of husbandry and nutrition, but no limit on the amount kept per property or noise they’re allowed to make, 6 minutes in an hour is the current regulation for one council in Brisbane, how exactly do we limit a bird to only make noise for 6 minutes in an hour?

Not all of these birds are suited to every household, however the size of the land or a neighbour complaint should not jeopardise the livelihood of an owners lifetime companion, birds like all animals, make noise, that’s a simple fact, there is no reasonable time restraint for this noise, birds communicate to their flock through vocalisation, they will talk to their owners, for food and for attention, they can make noise  when the sun rises and  when the sun sets, there is no reasonable noise restriction to put on these magnificent animals

Please share this petition, let’s get thousands of signatures Australia Wide from bird lovers to assist with the required knowledge council needs to implement new avicultural keeping regulations

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